About us

A young creative team with love for bikes and adventures!

In the winter of 2016 a group of young and creative entrepreneurs came together in the sunny Spanish city of Málaga. Everyone with a different background stretching from tourism to webdesign and marketing to management. After mixing those different backgrounds and experiences together and bundle them with the same passion for bikes and travel that everyone shared, some wonderful projects where born. One of the interesting projects that was born on that winter day in Málaga, was this website CityBikeTour.eu.

With CityBikeTour.eu we want to connect people with each other on a informative and a fun way, by exploring one a bike together with a professional tour guide the most amazing cities around the world.  A bike Tour is the best way to explore and experience a city in a short time. Especially with the help of a experienced tour guide who can provide you with not only very interesting and funny facts about the city but who can also give you some amazing insider tips. Like where all the locals like to eat best and what to do during the rest of your stay in the city!

Jordi van de Velde